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Hello! My name is Chad, You may know me though various markets or Instagram as @au_smither. Welcome to my website!

I'm a goldsmith from the north east of England.

I have a passion for anything metalwork and thoroughly enjoy creating new and unique pieces not just for others but even myself!


I value honesty above all else so I always do my very best to satisfy my customer's needs and answer any questions they may have.

Not only do I undertake bespoke work but I am capable of many repair jobs and I find myself following in my fathers footsteps as an accomplished Jeweller.

With 50 years experience under his belt, his head is a treasure trove of knowledge that I have privileged access to. 

Recently I have been working on my own line of jewellery. I have spent a great deal of time designing and hand fabricating these pieces.

A lot of my designs come from various times of my life where I've found my emotions flared in some way good or bad, it definitely affects your creativity.

You'll find I have a wide range of jewellery in stock that myself and my family business has procured over the years, a lot of which is showcased on this website (see shop above) there are some really beautiful one-off pieces there and you won't find better value for money anywhere else.

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