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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! I send packages all over the globe! 

What metals do you work with?

I work with silver and gold/white gold (9ct or 18ct typically) I also work with platinum however I am unable to recycle platinum as I do not currently have the equipment required.

Do you do wedding/engagement rings?

Most definitely! I can create something to your specification or I have a range of rings currently in stock that you are welcome to browse! (by appointment only)

Can this ring come in other sizes?

All rings from 'AuSmither Collection' are available in any size. The rings found in the shop are reviewed as requested for sizing, if there are stones set in the ring or texture around the whole circumference of the ring, sizing can be difficult but possible in most cases.

Can you size my ring?

Yes, get in contact, send me a picture. Anything solid silver/gold/white gold/platinum can be sized. The item will need to be reviewed if there are stones set or if the piece is textured. White gold requires rhodium plating after polishing (£25 charge subject to market fluctuations and size of the item).

My ring is stuck on, can you help?

Believe it or not, you are not alone! I have helped numerous customers in the past by cutting the ring off and resizing it to fit perfectly! Don't worry you're in safe hands, the process will be explained to you before I start and is completely safe.

I have a snapped chain, can you fix it?

In most cases yes, Anchor, belcher, curb, figaro, mariner(gucci) chains and some other chains can be repaired unfortunately not machine-made chains like snake chains.

Can I get this in gold?

Anything from My Collection can be made in gold on request. Most pieces found in the shop can be recreated in gold (priced at request). If you have something yourself already perhaps a silver ring that you would like in gold instead, get in touch and send a picture, I'll take a look and let you know what I can do for you.

I've lost a stone can you replace it?

Yes most likely, in most cases the stone will have fallen out due to a snag on a claw (best case scenario) or just general erosion which means there is a chance that more stones (if applicable) are likely to follow suit shortly afterward, repair work can be done to fix this but each case is reviewed as it comes.

My jewellery is wearing thin, can you restore it?

Each case is reviewed as it comes, I can restore most jewellery just get in touch and send me a picture of the damage or book an appointment (Contact).


Can you engrave on this?

I am not an experienced engraver, I have a piece of machinery that allows me to engrave lettering onto the inside of rings however sadly I am slightly limited as to the detailing I can do via engraving. Pieces can be sent off for engraving via 3rd party (subject to charge)






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