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Rattlesnake Crowbar

Rattlesnake Crowbar


Sterling silver

I made this pendant in honour of my favourite band Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

(This is by no means official merchandise of the band I was just inspired by them)

They released an album in 2019 called 'The end of suffering' and the 4th song on that album is called 'Crowbar' and as soon as I heard it, the idea for the piece just appeared in my head and i got to work! Anyway, I made one specially to give to the frontman Frank in case I ever got the chance, my chance came one day at Barrowlands in Glasgow in 2020, It blew my mind when he walked out on stage wearing it, i'll never forget the feeling of bliss when I saw him standing there a few feet in front of me with my pendant dangling from his neck..

I'd highly recommend their music to anyone, I can't describe what listening to it has done for me.

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