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A lot of items such as rings, bracelets and necklaces can be modified/sized to fit, some unfortunately cant due to design - please enquire for info on specific items. Most rings have sizing information in the description, please enquire about bracelet/necklace length.

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key


Sterling silver skeleton key

(price not including chain)

Available in gold, price on request as it is such a heavy piece i will provide the best price I can at the time!


This is one seriously HEAVY pendant but its a personal favourite of mine

A skeleton key is a mythical key that will open any door, i like to think that this pendant for the wearer is a key that opens any door in their future, with Nordic runes carved all over it for added protection Uruz(strength) Gebo(partnership) Algiz(protection) Eihwaz(Defence) Inguz(fertility) Perth(luck) Wunjo(joy) Fehu(wealth) Raido(journey) Sowelu(wholeness)

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